Scrunchies by Inez

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Hi everyone, my name is Jamie, and I am the owner of Inez Imagined. I am a graduate student at the University of Waterloo who has chosen to put down roots in Waterloo. I have always loved to create things and this passion shines through in my handcrafted scrunchies and other creations. I strive to always have high quality products, made with locally sourced material as much as possible. I love to find unique and fun fabric to bring character to my scrunchies! My business is named after my middle name, Inez, that I share with my great grandmother. It was my great grandmothers beautiful old sewing machine that inspired me to learn how to sew and it is the sewing machine that is still used today to create a lot of my scrunchies

Etsy shop: Handcrafted hair scrunchies made in Ontario by InezImagined (

Instagram: @inezimagined