Pairing the perfect wine to cheese

Don't leave a bad taste in your mouth by selecting the wrong wine. Cheese and wine are meant to complement each other. Here are perfect pairings for your next cheese platter:

Blue Cheese (pungent, crumbly) and Port (sweet, thick)
Parmesan (salty, hard) and Prosecco (bubbly)
Fondue (rich) and Sauternes (sweet)
Aged Gouda (nutty) and Cabernet Sauvignon (full-bodied)
Gruyere (melty) and Chardonnay (fruit, nutty)
Aged Cheddar (sharp) and Malbec (chocolatey)
Brie (light) and Pinot Noir (dry)
Monterey Jack (mild, semi-hard) and Merlot (light, fruity)
Mozzarella (soft) and Pinot Grigio (acidic)
Goat Cheese (tangy) and Sauvignon Blanc (fruity)